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Journal articles

Gibson, James L., Miguel M. Pereira, and Jeffrey Ziegler. (2017). ”Updating Supreme Court Legitimacy: Testing the ’Rule, Learn, Update’ Model of Political Communication”. American Politics Research. 45(6), 980-1002. pdf

Working papers

Ziegler, Jeffrey. ”Responsiveness and Unelected Leaders: Lessons from the Catholic Church”.

Ziegler, Jeffrey. ”The Expansion of the Catholic Church: Serving Members, Eliminating Competition, or Lobbying Allies?”.

Ziegler, Jeffrey. ”Pope or Politician? Religious Imagery and Member Support Within the Catholic Church”.

Ziegler, Jeffrey and David Carlson. ”The Role of Credible Elections and Indirect Expropriation in Explaining International Investment Treaty Violations”.

Bechtel, Michael M. and Jeffrey Ziegler. ”How Political Is International Financial Assistance?”.

Grants and awards

  • Graduate Research Seed Grant, Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Political Science (2018)

  • Dissertation Support, Danforth Center on Religion and Politics (2018)

  • Lois Roth Endowment, Fulbright Project Support (2014)

  • Fulbright Research Grant, Umeå University (2013-2014; Adviser: Torbjörn Bergman)

  • Gudrun Gytel Fund Scholarship (2011)

  • Larsen Family Scholarship (2011)

  • ScanDesign Scholarship (2011)